Saturday, May 23, 2009

Sometimes life reminds us...

That we are mortal.

This past week I was in Alberta on business 100% self absorbed in my world of business.  At night I was 100% self-absorbed in a very bad race performance on Sunday at one of my favourite bike races, the Niagara Classic Ontario Cup bike race.

Then Wednesday I got an email and an endurance athlete legend Steve Larsen was dead.  Just like that, at the age of 39, dropped down at a track workout.  Endurance athlete legend, husband, father of 5, successful business man.  And again I was reminded everything I have, everything I do, and everything I share during my "trip" called life, is a gift.  

Today the bike team went out and kicked the shit out of each other in north Toronto.  I got 90 miles of riding in, 60+ were solid up tempo hard efforts.  I was thrilled to be out with the boys seizing the day, I hope you do the same.