Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A quick update!

Hello friends and family!

I have had a hell of a time adjusting to all this speed stuff!!!! I even did a track workout tonight which I haven't done in at least 6 years! 12*400 in sets of 4 descending speed. I was clocking 5:30 per mile pace (but only doing a quarter mile lets be clear) and feeling pretty good. HARDER than all heck though let me say! I then came home and did a nice recovery ride along the lakeshore as the sun set.

Another favourite workout was the Bayview extension hill repeats this past Saturday in the summer rain. 9 times up taking about 3 minutes per climb. Hell of a thing racing up that little sucker at 400 watts! OUCH! I was cooked, barely made it home!

Anyway, this coming weekend I am doing a bike race that all that Ironman stuff would not permit scheduling wise. It is the North American Master Championships in Sutton Quebec. 4 stages over 3 days with some solid competition. I really wish I did the race at my peak fitness, I am not there yet but am coming around. Next post I will provide an update but I am really excited to dig into this race and see if my speed skills come to bare!

Otherwise the Race4Kids.ca team's next adventure is the Peterborough half ironman July 5th. I hope to do well!!

Thanks for reading and supporting!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Muskoka Triathlon - Race 4 Kids!

Sunday marked my 10th anniversary of first heading to Huntsville to race.  My first adventure I did the run->bike->run.  My second year I jumped right into the water and since 2000 have made the annual adventure to Huntsville all but one season.  Janet and Mitch and the Trisport team put an amazing event on every year and this year pulled some special tricks out of the bag to make sure the race happened.  Moving the swim exit, the transition area, the swim course itself, the bike course…actually the only thing that stayed consistent was the hard, hard run!  This was all courtesy of the G8 2010 summit occurring in Huntsville that has a bunch of construction at the race site.  

Obviously the G8 takes precedent over the overly self-absorbed Tri-Geek club-J


Proudly emblazed in the www.race4kids.ca race top I barely made it to the swim start in time!  Just getting there was an adventure with all the changes and not doing my usual swim up the canal to the start.  Swim was bizarre, felt good but got dropped and came out with some friends I know well.  I then made a meal of the first transition spending close to 2 minutes there and losing a minute to the same guys I finished the swim with!  Off on my new Cervelo P3 I put my head down and within 5 minutes knew that feeling…heavy legs…no turnover…tired core…time for some positive self talk; “stay focused and force the pedals over, it will come around”.  That turned to, “don’t worry, stay focused and aero. You will pull out some magic on the run” which then on the run turned into; “run your marathon pace for first 5K and then pick it up!”


I had a hard day but incredibly rewarding day!! I smiled and cheered and shared hugs with friends new and old.  I made some surges later in the run and raced a fellow that did break me in the end.  He passed me, I passed him, he caught me and took it by 5 to 10 seconds at the finish. My final 5K split was the fastest split so I take that nugget home knowing I forced him to dig deep to beat me-J  I learned again that racing for fun is the best way to race. And I learned that triathlon truly is an amazing sport with a great community and amazing race organizers!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Ironman Retired...for now.

Hi friends and family:

I have an update regarding my racing of Ironman Lake Placid July 26th. It is with deep regret that, due to a few challenges this year with a chronic foot injury coupled with greater commitments at home and work, I cannot compete in the race.

HOWEVER (and a very wise executive once told me everything before however is BS!) - I will make it up to you with a new challenge! I am going to get my heel better and do my best to race a series of triathlons in southern Ontario in support of Race 4 Kids. I plan to take this newly found "speed" stuff and try to become a provincial, if not, national Olympic distance champion for my age group. If all goes well, I will roll into the fall season for another marathon in support of Race 4 Kids.

Many of you know because you have donated, how important POGO is to the kids of Ontario. I am humbled with your generosity and will do my best to honor your commitment with more determination and fervor than ever!

Yours in fighting cancer,
Rhys Spencer