Thursday, March 7, 2013

Do the work: 2013 is on!

Friends and family:

I wrote this excert below in my last post in November 2012 as I was a week away from sport hernia surgery:
I dream of what may be around the corner. I want to shock myself. I really want this to work and go for it.  If it does not. That is life. These aging lines on my face are not that of age; they are smile lines. I have had a good run. Sorry, a good swim, bike, run!!! But I know I have more lines to give and more lessons to teach myself in the depth that is the Ironman test.
I assure friends and family, my smile lines are deeper than ever!!

I did a very large test recently by venturing to Tucson Arizona for a 9 day triathlon camp with the Barrie Shepley Personal Best and C3 triathlon club. Over the camp I logged 500KM of cycilng including two trips up the famed Mt. Lemmon; 9KM of swimming; and 50KM or running. My total hours logged were 40. An epic punch of fitness.  Not once did I have pain. I have recovered from surgery. The results are very positive. No pain. No back pain. All systems GO!

I will provide a very detailed review of Barrie's camp in my next post as their well organized, friendly and fun camps certainly deliver a person do the far depths of DO THE WORK training!

For now, I will leave my friends and family with my three 2013 goals:
  1. National Olympic Distance Triathlon Championships - Toronto Ontario July 21st
  2. Ironman Mount Tremblant - Mount Tremblant Quebec August 18th
  3. ScotiaBank Waterfront Marathon - October 20th
 I'm back. I'm healthy. I'm hungry.
your friend in sport, RS