Friday, June 10, 2011

Doping beyond the peleton actually exists people!

Above is a great photo ( source: )how prevelant dope can be on performance. Specifically, the early 90's brought the use of EPO to the cycling peleton and the endurance world. Cycling has taken the brunt of the media attention on this simply because, well, it's the dirtiest. Culturally always has been so I get it. But above is a great graph of the 10,000 metre records falling dramatically post EPO mass market into sports. No one talks about this, I find that interesting....

Anyway, with the recent press re: Lance courtesy of 60 Minutes taking the dope debate main stream many general public type fans are having ah-hah moments. So, at work come the questions did Lance dope etc. I am beginning to answer "duh". The look in return is confused, I then say "well, I know what time it is and as simple as that is, so to is answering 'is there dope in sport?'

Recently I answer with the question, do you think other sports dope. Answer, "baseball and football, well yeah of course!". Do you care? Answer: "Yeah!". Do you watch it? Answer, "Yeah" retort - "then you don't care! Wake up, if you did, you wouldn't *PURCHASE* the goods by watching!" This process is how I reconcile my who cares approach. It's sports entertainment to me which really, is kind of sad because I love the authenticity of sport. The pureness of a Simon Whitfield, or a Clara Hughes is what makes sports so generous and enriching. Go pro level, and well, I don't care.

So, point being; when debating Lance and drugs in cycling take a minute to ask if you REALLY CARE by looking at all the sports you are a fan of.

The 10,000 meter race is a premiere Olympic event; a true test of speed and endurance. Gruelling for those at the top of the food chain and one that pays athletes top, top dollar for winning. It is doped; pure and simple. And I love watching it!