Friday, December 25, 2009

Dog's and Christmas.

This is the king of the roost, Gatsby, chasing Santa for X-mas...he really runs the show here at Chez Spencer!

Here he is getting ready for Christmas early December. Yep, he ate the whole thing!

Dog's are amazing, total members of the family.


Thursday, December 24, 2009

M35-39, are you doing this?

It is Christmas, Meredith and I put the lights and stockings up last night. We are finally in the spirit of the holidays.

In tribute, I am working out like a mo-fo to give to MYSELF! I will be 39 next year racing Ironman Canada and young bucks (ok, 35 year olds!!!!) I'll have some speed to bring to the game!

Christmas Eve training? You bet! Starts with an hour walk of our precious Gatsby! Onward for 40 minutes easy on the trainer to spin out the legs. Off to work (well, not much like work today to be honest!) and at lunch hill repeats on the treadmill. A leisure swim on route to getting mum-in-law from Dundas is in the cards. I will cap this fantastic day with a wonderful glass of Pinot Noir. YUMMIE!

So, who in the Ironman Canada 35-39 age group is doing this today? SPeak up! I need more and more mojo to keep my aging limbs alive!

Our bike team is coming together, new team kit and sponsors this year! The racing should be solid with some good teams being put together in Ontario for 2010. We are signing on with Hincapie sportswear as our team kit apparel provider. Sweet stuff, highly recommended. Tri tops included so if I crack at IMC I will look extra sharp doing it!!!

Bring on the 2010 season...and the young bucks! IT'S GAME ON!

Signed - motivated welsh bastard!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Canadian BBQ Tradition!

My tribute to the mighty BBQ - a life time view!

To start: that is my dad cooking eggs and sausage with me and my big sister waiting anxiously for the great eats!

To continue: that is me cooking sausages by the family pool circa 1993. In the background are some old friends smoking, drinking, and generally REALLY enjoying themselves. Note my great hair! Killer stuff really!

2004 that is me and dad in the backyard in Risca Wales after my world's in Sweden. I was pretty fast then, getting slower by the day now!

And to close, 3 filet mignons last weekend with Dad, Meredith and I.
Long live the BBQ, even in winter!