Friday, June 5, 2009

Ironman Retired...for now.

Hi friends and family:

I have an update regarding my racing of Ironman Lake Placid July 26th. It is with deep regret that, due to a few challenges this year with a chronic foot injury coupled with greater commitments at home and work, I cannot compete in the race.

HOWEVER (and a very wise executive once told me everything before however is BS!) - I will make it up to you with a new challenge! I am going to get my heel better and do my best to race a series of triathlons in southern Ontario in support of Race 4 Kids. I plan to take this newly found "speed" stuff and try to become a provincial, if not, national Olympic distance champion for my age group. If all goes well, I will roll into the fall season for another marathon in support of Race 4 Kids.

Many of you know because you have donated, how important POGO is to the kids of Ontario. I am humbled with your generosity and will do my best to honor your commitment with more determination and fervor than ever!

Yours in fighting cancer,
Rhys Spencer

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