Saturday, October 16, 2010

What to do when season and job ends? GET LIVIN'!

Friends and family:

A few updates that most know; here is a season recap:
- train all winter to get ready for August Ironman including great bike camp with team in Tucson. So far fitness really good.
- April do some Ontario racing and learn I have some good base
- May do some more bike races and a duathlon; fitness gaining
- June CRASH
- July, comeback on bike only at Tour of Catskills
- August still go out to IMC but don't race, just train my bike for GMSR
- September: GMSR (7th overall; 2nd on the TT, 10th on the Queen stage - see post below); Provincial TT (4th by 0.13 seconds - see post below); Centurion Cycling town of Blue Mountains (SERIOUS BONK see post below)

What was I doing vacationing after losing my job? Simple, R&R-:) I flew to Vancouver, got a car and went straight to the ferry over to Halfmoon Bay to visit my friend Adam, Tracy, and their little girl Ellie and old friend Cory Smith. What does one do there? RELAX, SIP (ah, gulp) WINE...AND SEA KAYAK! Talk about an experience and great way to leave all of the troubles of career behind! This was just what I needed and they live it right. Work hard, enjoy the outdoors in tranquility, share life. Well done clan there, well done! Here's a shot of the trip.

From there I went to Vancouver to flirt with the job market and real estate. 2 learnings; first, job market is TIGHT; second, the price tags for homes are HUGE! Not a good mix. Here is the sunset on English Bay outside my hotel, sweet way to finish a 6K run in Stanley Park!

AFter my 3 days in Vancouver I hit the road and drove EAST to our friends abode that we stay with for IRonman Canada. Thankfully this time they were home! I picked up Meredith at the Kelowna airport and reeeeeeeelaxxxxxxed! Meredith really needed time away and we sipped wine, hiked, ate like kings and of course checked out some real estate in the area-:)

A photo of our moring coffee/tea at the Starbuck's (formerly Hog's Breath) in Penticton to the sunrise

And last a few photos of our 2 hour hike along the Kettle Valley trail a top the Naramata Bench. A little slice of heaven I must say!

And as far as the unemployment piece goes, it was in the works all of 2010 and knew it was coming. Nothing sudden, just a good 'ol business wind down. Being HR guy, that was one tough slog hence the wonderful trip to Canada's west coast where folks RELAX AND LIVE!

Last, I wrote 10 goals out to start 2010 season. I didn't reach ANY OF THEM. Strange that it was one of my most rewarding seasons personally. Despite my crash, my layoff from work, my non-Ironman, only 1 triathlon....I really enjoyed the racing I did get to do and learning what's possible during trying times. Anything is possible, you just have to LIVE. Remember the motto:


So get livin' my friends, get livin'!

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