Saturday, January 15, 2011

Product review: TP Therapy Foam Roller

Friends and family:

I don't have sponsorship per se, I have help from local retailers, but not sponsorship. This affords me the opportunity to actually go to retailers and buy products I believe in. For years I have had the same relationships with GREAT products while also researching other new products that are fun to use or support my goals. This will be my first a few installments for products I am absolutely NOT PAID to endorse. I want to write about them because THEY WORK!

Context: Last week I had a great training week capped with a great 3 hour indoor ride with triathlon team and Sunday I did a 21km progression run; first 10km on 7:30 pace; next 5km at 7:15 pace and final 5km on 6:57 pace then a nice mile warm down. I was feeling great and confident. Then Sunday night while flipping over in bed (think side plank) something popped in my right rib area. Sharp jabbing pain and suddenly I could not breath! Unfortunately this wasn't a cramp, this lasted right through till morning and into work. AFter an urgent physio appt. I came home and hit the TP Therapy foam roller (see picture). 2 minutes before bed, 2 minutes when waking up for 5 Friday I am breathing pain free and back training!
I am really amazed by the power of the TP Therapy roller. Other foam rollers don't match this thing because they cave under the pressure when rolling on it. Their website is and a workout site is available at

Be prepared, it is incredibly painful to start but over course of a few days the muscles really loosen up and the rollers warms up to you-:)

I recommend the roller and I am now suffering through IT Band rolls, calf rolls, and quad rolls.

I am a big believer in the product!!

Train safe folks.

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  1. I bought TP's Grid, too. It's a pretty good roller, but I ended up replacing it with a RumbleRoller (, which gets much deeper into the muscle.