Friday, August 5, 2011

A sports fan top 10 "Wish I could..."

I was thinking this morning as the sun rose from the east along beautiful lake Ontario and I ran my morning km's off the chart, if I was any better at what I do athletically, what would I want to experience? Visualize those moments to feel like you can do anything kind of thinking...I boiled it down to top 10 and associated an emotion to each. I think this list also shows my sports interests!!

10: Its game 7 of the stanley cup and you are on home ice. What the hell is that feeling like in the dressing room before you head out? I suspect INTENSITY.
9: You lead out your team mate as the race favourite into the Forest of Arenberg in Paris-Roubaix then finish the race of all races back of the pack in the Roubaix velodrome after he wins! I suspect that is PRIDE.
8: The night before a 1500M track final in the Olympics trying to sleep. This must be NERVOUS.
7: The work is done and its time for the start of the 1500M track final in the Olympics. I suspect all is quiet and very ZEN.
6: Last mile of the Boston marathon toe to toe for the win. This has happened the past 2 years on the womens side. It only takes being on the wrong side of a corner to lose; or right side to win. I suspect this feeling, for me anyway, would be THINK STUPID!
5: Final lap of Indy 500 making the pass for the win just like this past may. I suspect this is ELATION.
4: Winning the British Open. I have no idea, I don't golf. In fact I hate playing golf, but man I get drawn into it on TV!
3: 5 set marathon center court Wimbledon. I suspect once it is all said and done we are back to PRIDE win or lose.
2: Sprint finish for gold medal 2012 London Olympics Triathlon. I should ask Simon Whitfield this is 1 year's time.

And the #1, what would THAT BE LIKE?

Millenium Stadium Cardiff, Wales v. England 80,000 singing Hen Wlad Fy Nhadau (Welsh National Anthem) and I am in the #9 jersey; my dad is in the stands.

This feeling I know because I shed tears just being 1 of the 80,000, it's PRIDE, PASSION, SERVICE, AND DAMMIT LETS KICK SOME ASS!

As for the Olympic feeling I sure would love to sit down with SQW over a beer or 6 and pick that brain. I sense a thesis paper on "being a champion - what it takes & how it feels".

Post script: Nothing beats the feeling crossing the finish line of an Ironman.

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