Friday, October 7, 2011

Kona Diary day 6: ...Not even a mouse...

Friends and Family,

This is it, twas the night before Ironman and I can say, this town went ghost! Not even a mouse!!

Anyway, my main post for game day inflection was yesterday's. Today, it is short and sweet to say a few words of thanks.

First, thanks to the support staff:
  1. for their amazing speed machines.
  2. for the amazing speed shoes, training clothing, and great service.
  3. for their support of my sport pursuits and our bike team 
Second, THANKS TO all of you! There is no web link to that. It's an old school THANK YOU shout out. You keep me even and I hope to do you proud
Thank you to the people of Kona for gracing our pursuits on this land. We owe you so much and I will do everything I can to give you, your land, Madame Pele and company complete respect tomorrow.

So what did I notice today?

Today at bike check in I noticed something very cool. While Specialized had their super team in town all week and launched a new super bike with much fan fare and spend of $$$, Cervelo had their staff including CEO at the bike check in shaking hands and handing out shirts to all the riders checking in a Cervelo. I love that style of marketing, direct to the people. Well done CERVELO!

My "Then-Gen P3" is below but honestly the "now gen" bike all others still copy.

Cervelo P3 with Zipp 303 front/808 Powertap back
Pro Missile bars
Ultegra kit with FSA 172.5MM crankset

Last, one slice of motivation I learned on twitter today. 10-14-1066 was the Battle of Hastings when the French army of Duke William II of Normandy beat King Harold II of England, killing the English king in battle and changing history. William's army did what the Roman's couldn't and Norman rule began.

My bib number is 1066. I'm ready for battle.

"Never ever give up! We will never surrender!" - Churchill

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