Sunday, March 8, 2009

The Pain part cometh!

To my friends and family, you are amazing!  Thanks for the support to date, you humble me again.

I finally had a valuable week of training after a few weeks shorted by my recurring foot injury.  Swimming is still taking a major back seat to cycling and running because; a) Boston Marathon is around the corner, and b) I don't much like swimming!  This said, I did do a 1500M test last month and came in on 21:19 so I am in maintenance mode just fine there.

I logged 14.5hrs for the week which is right on target for early March.  Most importantly I passed my early run test found here. I am excited how the pacing went given the 3400ft of uphill running.  I also got outside on my new bike!! for a 4.5 hour cruise that ended with a downpour and frozen bits all over.  COLD still! I can tell this bike will fly but I am still tweaking the position a bit.  Been 3 years since I changed road bikes so it takes some tweaking.

Meredith is away on vacation with her mom, some cruise to the Caribbean or something?  GOOD ON HER!  So, I am busy being busy but I don't know what to do to be busy-:)

Another great week ahead, then a weeks recovery before bike team camp in Tucson.  

Thanks for reading and please share this blog with ANYONE who cares about kids and cancer!

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