Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Starting 2010...Hawaii...and the Great Gatsby!

Last year I waited until January 2nd to get serious about training and it cost me 8 pounds. That extra 8 pounds took an extra 6 months to get off, I felt like Jan Ullrich. Never again, can't happen.

I just finished a 3 week "train to train" cycle. 23 days of at least 30 minutes of exercise in 24 days (not including the daily hour walking the Great Gatsby!) Some days were 5 hours like last Saturday's ride, others were a 30 minute cruise along lakeshore or 30 minutes of running on the bruce trail. I even swam, yes swim practice, and enjoyed it. This week is a down cycle recovery week and some physio. I have only gained 3% of my weight back; room for 2% more maximum. I'll save that for the holidays (or this beer).

Next week I start proper with a macro 2 month cycle through to the holidays. Strength, agility, and a whole whack of swimming. That will set me up nicely and ahead of last years cluster start and certainly not starting behind the eight ball at 172!

Hawaii always inspires me to train, I have to keep it in check so as not to burn out but man, holy running Crowie. that was really killer to watch online, truly amazing.

oh, and a picture of Gatsby 'cause really, is this not the cutest dog EVER?

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