Friday, October 9, 2009

Triathlon's Superbowl - Kona Hawaii Ironman 10-10-09

tomorrow is the Hawaii Ironman, the superbowl of triathlon.

Tomorrow I am riding with Tara Norton for 5 hours. Tara deserves to be in Kona but is not. Too much detail to detail here, but read about her at Her story, her comebacks, her passion; all of it is infectious. I hope I honor her day of training (vs. racing what is rightfully her race to race) with some good laughs and hard climbs.

As for Kona, I have fun trying to predict the podiums. A few years ago I even picked the top 1,2,3 men. Anyway, everyone and their cousin is picking Chrissie Wellington for the women but my patriotism is picking Samantha McGlone to steal it, look out for Rebeka Keat, and another Canadian to lead a lot of the race Tereza Macel.

For the men, hard to bet against an Aussie 1,2. Crowie then Macca is probable but look out for Stadler to put his nose in there again.

Good luck friends racing, you all rock.

And Tara, never mind, we'll ride our asses off instead.

thanks for reading.

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