Monday, May 31, 2010

inspiration coming from many different angles....

It is May 31st, the last day of May and we lean into June with:

June 1 DMB at Molson Ampitheatre
June 2 MY BDAY!
June 6 Milton Tri
June 12 Sister's BDAY!
June 13 KW O-Cup bike race
June 20 Guelph Lake Olympic Distance Triathlon

PHEW - lots of fun decked up!

From an inspiration perspective a few angles have come my way recently:

1. Meredith seems to love 40. Well, that's what I think anyway! She has jumped into the decade a lot better than I know I will in a year's time! She is my rock right now with so many balls in the air I am trying to manage. A true partner, or as the cyclists say, Domestique!
2. Kim Nelson won her Age Group at IM Brazil Sunday. She is such a star and appropriately dubbed Hard Core Kim by her mates. She really is an inspiration!
3. Cafe Domestique is a great little coffee shop that opened in Dundas. A very cool spot with amazing espresso and chai tea! Kris the owner is a cycling and coffee fanatic and has opened a cool little dream. I am inspired because he is living what he loves and good for him!
4. My bike team just seems to love the sport so darn much it is really hard not to be inspired to enjoy it!! Andrew Stewart is floating on the pedals this year and no number on a driver's license is getting in his way!
5. Madelyn Smith is about to start racing bikes. Whatever this girl does she does 100% - ah, that means LOOK OUT other female racers in the Ontario peleton!

Many inspirations means I did some heavy lifting this past weekend:

Saturday: 215km bike ride solo without an iPod. Constant efforts, sprinting climbs; amazing day!
Sunday: 25km run on 7:40 pace. Solid, never in trouble enjoying the sun again sans iPod.

Can't wait for the races as I have some serious mojo inspiration from friends and family!!!

Thanks for dropping in.

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  1. Thanks for the kind words. I'm glad you're alright. K