Tuesday, May 4, 2010

40th B-day celebrations for Meredith!

My babe just keeps getting hotter, hotter, hotter; 40 and a beauty!

Thanks to all friends who joined in the fun from far and wide!! GREAT NIGHT!

Sunday was harsh; Monday too! But we are back at it today-:)

Meredith and long time friend Candace.

Meredith, Candace, Lee-Ron Peer and his wife Paloma, Trish and Gord from Halifax!!

Circa midnight - after a few! I know my babe and pretty sure she is saying, "I KNOW!" Probably positioned after someone said, "you're loaded!" or "YOU'RE HOT!"

Couple in love-:) oh, and the server Jeffrey in the background!

And finally, Meredith and Trish - Dalhousie alumni sharing a vino.

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