Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Over coming small obstacles for the big picture...

This year I changed things. I raced a marathon in October that qualified me for another one in April; 2 marathons in 6 months after 9 years of only Ironman marathoning. I loved these races and it got me thinking...

I kept the system going; pretending to enjoy the pool; hitting the treadmill; stressing about mixed workouts...all for my annual run at Ironman. I hooked into an amazing charity with Race 4 Kids and did my annual charity drive, this probably being the most rewarding component to a long season. But something was missing back in May and I was burning the motivation match.

Then my foot injury came back, my weight went up and I was in serious WHY MODE.

I made the right decision and stepped aside from Ironman, parked my passion and rode my bike 5 times a week. The new bike team kept me driven and honest to get in shape and on top of my skills and onward I rode. I finally got a result last weekend and feel pretty good about the progress made.

Next week Meredith and I will head to Vermont and I will race an epic 4 day stage race on the Cervelo. I am at race weight, the foot is good (though I have other injury to complain about!!!) and I love riding my bike. The bike team is a great group of hacks doing it for the love of the pedal. But something is missing; something needs more of me.

Good luck to all my friends racing in Penticton this week. I miss it dearly and wish I was there with you.

Ironman: I miss your energy, I miss your pain, I miss the moments of self evaluation of CAN, I miss the fleeting moments of CAN'T, I miss the anxiety before the start gun and the fighting of the first 500M of the swim, I miss the scramble to the change tent and the horizontal go vertical feeling when starting the bike; Ironman I miss your honesty after 6 hours into the day and your candid feedback you provide my legs and lungs, I miss the misery my quads feel when I start running and the elation I get when those legs come around; Ironman I even miss the dark recesses of mile 13 to 15 on the run when the dark caves of misery shadow my eyes and brain and do their best to crack me; I miss everything about you Ironman but duly note my friend, I now have better ride legs to come back and kick your ass.

Ironman 2010? It just might be. Next stop though, VERMONT!

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