Sunday, November 15, 2009

new grape - Pinot Noir! Oh, and an opinion on 70.3

Yes, as the subject line suggests it is indeed the off season. I have been training, guilty of not swimming again, but doing good strength exercises, cycling, and running. Actually running pretty good tempo/interval work; it feels good.

But, I also have grown out of Cabernet and into Pinot Noir this past week. This stuff is yummie and is less taxing the next day-:) I love the off season, so little guilt enjoying the finer things in life.

I was reading some pro blogs recently. I am glad I am not a pro. I get to enjoy Pinot Noir...on a Sunday no less. yuuuuuummmmmmiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeee!

On a more serious note. I watched some of the racing yesterday in Clearwater 70.3 world championship (that is half ironman). This sounds rather, well, condescending...BUT, I have to ask. Who cares about this race? WTC (owner of Ironman) need to move this thing out of Florida and into a state that provides a challenging course and a forum for ITU olympic distance triathletes and ironman specific athletes to go head to head. And, if it is a world championship as they claim, how about a rotation into Europe or Australia? Why is it "world championship" actually means "in the USA". I digress, but what I do know is that by all accounts this race is a swim->run with a bike in between that doesn't count for squat. Does a huge drafting peleton to T2. Second, why don't WTC fix this women pro issue. Just start the pro's 30 minutes before the amateurs so these women can race without top amateur men catching them on the bike and causing draft problems. Easy solutions are so complicated to implement, because it just can't be that easy can it? YES IT CAN!

oh well, its a race I will never do because of this. One customer voice speaks-:)

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