Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Earning it...

Success in August is built in March; we are hammering ourselves into oblivion here in Tucson. The 9 day training camp is a solid build of fitness and I am feeling really great about the progress up to this trip, and especially during this trip.

Here are some photos of some great bike riding we did today up Mt Lemmon. I have managed 1 swim and 2 runs on top of the cycling, anything tri related is strictly a bonus right now though. Today I did the Mt. Lemmon climb to Palisdais station, a 2o mile climb at 5 to 6% grade in 1:39:48 average 3.7W/KG. This was 3 minutes faster than 2009 so good sign! We added some miles out and back to the mountain and a 5K run after the ride so the day was really solid. We also had excellent efforts up Kitts Peak, a 12.5 mile climb with last 9 miles at 8% grade, in 1:02:40 average 4W/KG and of course the local Tucson "Shootout" ride last Saturday. My legs feel sore but good.

We are also really, really enjoying some of California's most honest offerings of Merlot. Very fine stuff for half the price Canada offers it at! YUMMIE!!

Thanks for reading! Stay tuned for more Tucson offerings-:)

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