Saturday, March 27, 2010

Tucson in the books - we leave Sunday.

Some of the bikes lined up in the court yard before we set out.

A room with a view....
Riding out to Mt Lemmon; straight ahead boys!

The world's worst wine ended our camp. I am particularly fond of the distributor Grateful Palate but frankly this stuff is piss, truly awful, but a good laugh all the same. A nice bottle of Coppola hides behind...

Bill stands a top Windy Point at Mile 14 of Mt. Lemmon on our last day.

Another great camp is in the books. 800+kms of really hard riding in the books; many sessions were on the rivet. Some high quality miles just in time for the season to start on Good Friday.

A great group to train with - ah, and drink with!

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