Monday, March 15, 2010

What it Takes...

What it Takes is a title I stole from a movie about Peter Reid training for Hawaii. It ended up being his last race in Kona, he took 3rd. Peter is a legend, a Canadian, an ambassador of triathlon and I respect his track record of hard work and commitment. He is also a 3 time Kona winner; stud.

I stole the title because March is WHAT IT TAKES month. Without March my season would be all about catch up on fitness. Instead I am using the mantra, THIS IS WHAT IT TAKES TO RACE FAST IN AUGUST with every pool length, pedal stroke, and foot strike.

I just finished a 15 day block of really solid training. Finally my long runs are flowing, my swim is gaining momentum with 4km workouts again. My bike from a long miles perspective is taking a back seat to strength work; meaning, hard watts/long intervals and a lot of pain and sweat.

I leave for Tucson Friday to put the miles into the legs. I can't wait, it will top off a great month of training.

So honestly, what does it take?

Here is a picture of my man cave. I spent 4 hours in the cave Saturday between the bike and the treadmill after a 2km swim to start the day. Sunday was a 4km swim then a 23km run in wind gusts up to 50km/hr. What it Takes = commitment to the process 6 months ahead of your race day.

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