Wednesday, April 28, 2010

May 1st cometh!

Hi again friends and family,

Our latest update here at chez Spencer is really not about sports at all (I do my best NOT to write about political matters, I just gave that up all together. My vote will speak enough).

So what the hell is May 1st all about?

Well for 2010 is all about my hotty little Mere-Bear (otherwise known as Meredith my wife!) turning 40! Yep - 40! She enters the only decade that matters (till the next one!). Here is what we have planned:

- PARTY with Caterer and lots of wine!
- PARTY with alumni from Dalhousie!
- PARTY with friends from Dundas!
- PARTY because we have cleaning services coming before and after - YIPPIE!

Sunday May 2nd is going to suck BIG TIME!

In preparation my training this was has gone like this:
- Monday, 2K light swim
- Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday off
- Friday, Saturday, Sunday planned off days.

A wise coach once laid out a killer season for me and in it, I had 1 week of nothing leading into a big training block. ZIP, ZILCH, NADDAH! It worked once, it shall work again.

Starting May 3rd is my 4 month build to IMC August 29th. Just today I booked our flights to and from Kelowna August 26th thru to September 2nd. A few extra days to visit around our favourite spot in Canada. We just love the Okanagan, it is so gorgous.

I will write a PARTY REPORT! Yes, not a race report, A PARTY REPORT!

Party on!

Thanks for reading.

Here's a photo of Meredith and I, she's such a babe! As you can tell this photo is taken with us a little "PARTIED" during our dinner with said wise coach and his babe in Sonoma California. Yep, that is what a bottle of Cali's best does to us-:)

PS: Coach referral? - Ask for Steve, he's pretty good!

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