Sunday, September 6, 2009

Green Mountain stage Race: Stage 2

I am so tired I need to be, I mean it when I say need to be, quick here.

Yesterday was stage 2, tomorrow I will write about today's queen stage #3....

Yesterday was 120K circuit race doing 3.6 laps of a pretty good fast, windy, with a large climb per each lap. I attacked half way through and lasted half a lap in a break of 3. I followed wheels, covered some more breaks, then launched with about 3/4 of a lap to go. 2 guys came with me and for about 10K we worked well before hitting the climb. I led up the hill a good tempo when 2 really strong guys bridged over from the chasing peleton. I attacked, and will admit, swore my way over to their wheels. These 2 guys were strong! My two original companions were dropped. Now it was HTFO time!

Long story short I had no idea 2 more guys were up the road. We caught them, dropped one of them right away and then attacked each other in the final windy section. Rider #207 simply rode away from us and there was zip the remaining 3 of us could do. He won by 30 seconds moving to 3rd overall on the weekend. He's a bull and more on him tomorrow.

I fought as hard as I could with the 2 guys, getting dropped and catching on. They were clearly better (ah, and YOUNGER!) Then a rider from the peleton bridged and it was 4 for the final km. I came 4th of the 4, 5th for the stage with the peleton charging from behind. I was thrilled, truly spent and empty knowing there was nothing I could do to be better than the 5th placing.

Tomorrow we write about App Gap stage. One word: EPIC.

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