Monday, September 7, 2009

Green Mountain Stage Race: stage 4 ++

And now we are done!

Stage 4 was a 20 mile, 6 corner criterium through the downtown streets of Burlington Vermont. Honestly I was scared, really scared I would be shelled by lap 5 and look a fool. Well that didn't happen and I hung on for dear life the first 10 laps then settled in nicely. I actually started to feel really good and then there was only 3 laps left! Finishing mid pack today took me up to 26th overall, 7+ minutes back of Steven Black the overall winner. 4th overall was actually 4+ minutes back of our overall winner so I don't feel bad about the overall either!

The Senior 2 racing was really awesome for the most part, I enjoyed it. Felt old at times, but did really enjoy the 4 days of hard, hard work.

The winning guy Steven Black was impressive and he is still under 20. Lots of room for him to move upward in the domestic cycling scene. He dominated the S2 field which he won't be racing much longer I am sure, pro land is his next step!

BTW: I finish 26th overall and 7+ minutes back on the overall; exactly same as Andrew Stewart of our Master's team here this weekend. Good job for Andrew too!

thanks for reading!

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