Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Reflections on another season passed.

Top 10 things I learned this season:

10. I'm 38.
9. Cervelo bikes really are that good.
8. Sometimes stepping away does in fact make the heart grow fonder of what you left behind.
7. Never ever attack a marathon with 7 miles to go; wait 1 more mile, that way you are not crab running the final 1500
6. 3 marathons in 8 months catches up with #10
5. If it feels like work stop doing it, #8 will bring the fun back in due course
4. I can, in fact, still ride a bike and bike racing with a bunch of hack minded old guys like me really is A LOT OF FUN!
3. EPIC racing is where it is at! Green Mountain Stage Race & Boston Marathon were epic, painful and fun
2. Ironman Canada 2010 is my response to #5
1. My wife rocks more now than ever, especially given #2!!!!!!!

Next installment, 5 athletic goals for 2010.

Thanks for checking in.

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