Monday, April 5, 2010

Aaaannnddd the SEASON BEGINS!

Good Friday is the traditional bike season opener and the past few years it has been raced close to where I grew up in Flamborough. I know these roads like the back of my hand and really enjoy the area for cycling. This season we had record temperatures of 26 degrees (80+ degrees!) and over 100 riders to start.

First, the bad news. There were quite a few crashes in the races before ours. 2 ambulances were picking up the pieces just before our race set off. NOT the way you want to start a season. Mike V. from La Bicicletta (my old team) appeared to be the worse off but apparently, a crash even earlier in the day has one gentlemen in very serious condition in hospital. Cycling is dangerous, anything can happen and quite often it is not the guys fault who takes the most road rash. I hope these guys turn out ok and their families are coping with the trauma as best they can. My thoughts and prayers with you.

OK, the good news? The good news is the race went well for the team. We don't have a sprinter to take out a win if the race finishes in a pack sprint so we need to attack, attack, attack. That was my game plan, ATTACK A LOT AND OFTEN in hopes of either a break sticking, or, a counter attack from a team mate sticking. We played this card all day but in the end a sprint is how it ended and Mark Carli on our team stuck his nose into it finishing in the main sprint group at 17th place.

My fitness is quite high for this early in the season, courtesy of Tucson I suppose. Saturday I hopped on the P3 Tri bike and rode 140km's with Tara Norton, Bill Wells, and Gareth Scobie. A great tempo ride that just about killed me (us maybe??) then a 20 minute tempo run after.

Sunday, and today, I am still fried from the back to back days. Hard not to drill it when the weather is this sweet.

Meredith is now back to so all is so very right with the world!

Here is a picture of my solo break courtesy of Ryan Jones at

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