Monday, January 4, 2010

2010 test: power to weight ratio

Tonight feeling tired and lazy after a hard 2 weeks training and run intervals at lunch I decided to throw caution to the wind and test again my FTP: Functional Threshold Power. In lay terms the test determines the tipping point between matching energy supply in the muscles to energy demand. Go over your FTP too much or for too long your body fails you and you stop, it really is that simple.

to test this I follow a simple test provided in the book "Training and Racing with Power" by Hunter Allen and Andrew Coggan. After a good warm up and blow out of the legs to get them juiced up and ready to roll, a 20 minute all out effort occurs. Take those results, subtract 5%, and then divide by your weight. Voila, FTP.

Because you divide by weight there are actually 2 ways to improve FTP. Train better and get stronger, or lose weight. But, lose too much weight and the tipping point becomes inverse. You actually lose power, so it takes experience to know your magic race weight and you can't be at race weight all year. At time of test I am 3.5 kg's over my race weight (167lbs vs. 159/160 race weight)

So, what was the result? Just slightly less than what it was before Christmas I am happy to report; 4.15 watts per kilo. That is because of the extra kilo!

It felt good given the hard 2 weeks training, the 90 minute run 48 hours before in -20 degrees, and the run intervals in the afternoon leading into it.

So with this we can train and improve the fitness for the season.

My swim test 3 weeks ago was 21:28 for 1500M which given I took 3 months off swimming is good start. My PB is 21:08.

Running - yeah, I hope that gets better building into March! Lots of work to do there!

Training rocks!

Thanks for reading.

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