Sunday, January 10, 2010

first week of 2010 a gong show - all better from here!

2010 started well enough with a good FTP test (see previous post) on Monday. From there however it went downhill fast.

Tuesday = Some stressful stuff to do at work, never good, always stressful with great team members impacted. Heart breaking honestly.

Wednesday = onset of cold and give up on the Gluten free experiment

Thursday = cold takes hold/can't train but love my bagel!

Friday = worse, definitely no training, but have 2 cookies = yummy!

Saturday = amazing bike fit on the P3C. REALLY a difference. Highlight of week. Learn Hammer Nutrition is Gluten free, buy Hammer Heed for hydration along with new seat, stem and bike shoe insoles.

Sunday = today, cold is worse, down for the count. We have John Hughes movies from Mike, I sense a day of DVD's.

2nd week of new year starts with Meredith leaving to Gainseville for 3 days on business. At some point 2010 will launch into expectation and ROCK. Right now, rolling with punches and sipping Hammer Heed for hydrate!

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