Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Training peaks new interface sucks; annual xmas; travel plans!

I have been using Training Peaks as my training log now for 4 years and today I cancelled my subscription. Sometimes companies make what they perceive to be product improvements and they just ARE NOT IMPROVEMENTS. I tried honestly thinking it was just me and not being all that technical but after 3 months of trying to enjoy the new interface I gave up and cancelled the subscription. I talked with a few coaches who use the system and they too hate it. This is not good as coaches are a gateway for the Training Peaks product bringing thousands of athletes into the software to send out their athlete's programs. Over at slowtwitch there is a thread dedicated to it and not too many are piping in to defend the new interface. The only upside I guess is I am not alone!

Solution: for power on the bike I will simply use the Saris software provided by Saris the owner's of Powertap. The interface is clean, super easy to download and graph monthly progressions. Otherwise, swimming and running will be old school paper and pen.

My health is on the mend. Sunday and Monday were a right off but today I am coming out the other side of it. It will be a full 6 days of absolutely no workouts after a good 3 week run of fitness gain. Meredith reminded me I always get sick at the holidays so this came just a week or 2 late than other years. There is plenty of time to get back the fitness lost, IT'S JANUARY!

Wales vs. Scotland trip is booked! Feb 10 to 17 or thereabouts, can't remember. COME ON WALES!

Tucson is booked; March 19 to 28. Can't wait! I will be fitter than last year so won't come home a shell of my former self. Maybe this year I might even do some running while I am there!

catch up in a few days, for now more rest then a slow integration back into training starting tomorrow.

thanks for reading!

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