Monday, January 25, 2010

A regular Humpty Dumpty - putting it all back together

I was sick enough not to train for 7 days, and smart enough to ease back into things with a 5 day "get back on my feet to train" cycle. That meant 2 weeks away from "real" training.

I then put my pieces back together last week and officially started 2010 training!

Monday - kicked off week with 2.1km swim with UTM Masters and a good steady pace run at lunch
Tuesday - full body weights and strength circuit at lunch and an up tempo ride in evening
Wednesday - 2800M UTM Masters swim in morning; hard interval session on treadmill at lunch
Thursday - mix of 800s and 400s on treadmill at lunch followed by 15 minutes strength circuit; 90 minute trainer ride steady tempo intervals in evening.
Friday - off day
Saturday - 2100M solo swim and then full weights at YMCA; 90 minute hard intervals on bike afternoon.
Sunday - 3600M UTM Masters swim; 15km Dundas escarpment run (meaning HILLS) at tempo in afternoon in rain.

A good solid training week for end of January.

- 10 km swimming
- 42 km running
- 170 km on bike trainer
- 3 weight/strength sessions.

Very balanced, very happy to be back in groove.

I also found myself singing a GD tune and couldn't figure out why until I landed on the lyric, "The grass ain't greener, the wine ain't sweeter; either side of the hill..." Sort of sums up my 201o so far so the way I see it, LOTS OF UPSIDE in my future!

Thanks for reading!

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