Tuesday, June 15, 2010

2 days post crash....

In the grand scheme of things I am very lucky. I could be like my friends Cary, John, Kim, Tara, Chris all with broken collar bones; Cary and John adding elbows into the mix. I think Chris had a broken shoulder too. Of course there is Tara Norton too with her facial lacerations, collar bones, back, and various other bone fractures. All of them from a bike crash; some racing and some training. I am indeed extremely lucky.

The gentlemen in the van that picked me off the course said, "someone was looking over you today" to which I said, "she sure was..." It was instinctive to suggest my mom had a hand in my safety but whatever higher spirit was on my side Sunday to he, her, it, I am really grateful.

It is this sentiment that is carrying me past the anxiety of looking back and remembering what might have been vs. what was.

My road rash is healing remarkably well. Today I am really feeling quite a bit of muscle pain and I suspect much of it is whiplash. Neck, shoulder, upper back are all very, very sore. I have a massage at 2:30 so hopefully she doesn't mind the bandaged welsh bastard on the slab as she tries to work around the various injuries to get at me sore muscles. I am also really tired, flu like tired as my body tries its best to get me better.

All this said, at about 11am this morning I did feel a surge of "I'm going to be ok!" I think that was more mental than physical but all the same it is an indication that maybe, just maybe, late this week I will be back on the bike spinning the lakeshore and getting myself healed enough to race North American Masters Championships in Sutton QC July 2,3,4. My goal for now is to get on the trainer no later than Thursday for an easy cruise.

Right now, it re-bandage time for a few of the wounds on my left side!

Ride safe, PLEASE!

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