Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Day 3...on the mend...

Friends and family, thanks for checking in. Things are on the mend on the road rash. Still VERY painful on the right hip where I landed but the shoulders are healing nicely and the knee oddly enough is easy peasy. It is disgusting to look at but it doesn't hurt a bit! Right elbow is really making progress and the other odds and sods of missing skin the same.

The issue is the groin. Tomorrow I visit Sports Performance Center in port credit for some Active Release Therapy on it and an assessment to whether it is muscular something more sinister. What I do know is I can't lift my leg straight up in air when lying on my back and it hurts to bend over. Sort of feels like something is all pinched in there. There is no bruising so I must admit I am a tad stressed of the injury.

Otherwise I was back at work today which was nice. Another day moping around the house and not relaxing at all because the mind is racing would not be good. Work focuses the brain (not the soul, lets be fair there!)

I will not be doing the Sutton stage race in Quebec July 2,3,4. I want the groin to be fixed 100% before hard efforts. I will take that weekend for long mile rides in the country and long hikes with Gatsby and Meredith in the park instead.

Gatineau road race is possible July 7 as my "comeback" race, we'll have to see how it progresses.

Thanks for checking in!

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