Thursday, June 17, 2010

Post crash day 4 - Xrays.

What is more depressing? The fact that in 9 days I have had my i-phone stolen at work, then delivered a major divestment project (read: not a fun deliverable), then crashed, and now realize whatever is going on in the left groin area needs more than just TLC?

Again, I am happy because I am lucky that all is well but tonight I had to get some x-rays on my left hip and pelvis. Something is not right in the hip flexor area. Results come back tomorrow after some Dr. reviews it and sends a report to my team at SPC. I am VERY optimistic because you just don't fracture or break something and only focus on road rash for 3 days!!! That pain would take precedent-:) Still, something is clearly not right in the area which means I am now, OFFICIALLY, inside the medical system which in turn means, I am about to get bounced around from X-rays to ultrasound to MRI and non of those things are in the same place at the same time and all of those things take time.

I was hoping to ride tonight 30 minutes on the trainer but even that SPC said no to. Get the xray first, plan the re-hab second. No problem, I just finished a bottle of Mondavi Merlot instead!

That aside I really, really noticed today a positive vibration on the mental side of the rehab equation. The tension, anxiety, general on edginess is releasing to become smiles and good vibes again; even at work-:)

Thanks for checking in and send good vibes for the x-rays!!!!!!

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