Sunday, June 27, 2010

Confirming what I already knew still stings...

I have spent my weekend reflecting on the crash and how I could have avoided it, what might have happened if I moved slightly left or kept my eyes open when falling or put my arm out to the pavement. All those questions seem to land right back to the same thing I said that night, "I AM SO LUCKY!"

But it has been 2 weeks now and frankly, I am now angry. Not because I crashed, not because we clipped wheels without any reason, but I just can't figure out how my left Femoris Rectus would be so buggered when I landed on my right; how does the physics work around that? I can only thing when I flipped over and stayed clipped into the pedals the forces of bring the bike over me hyper-extended my leg backwards. I still though just sit and say "huh?"

My problem now is, I can't swim because of the whole on the side of my knee which is actually healing nicely; it is about half "filled in"! I can't run because this injury is the one injury that really makes running one stride unbelievably painful, and I can't ride because this muscle is THE engine for cycling. If it wasn't for this muscle injury I could be running and cycling but life is a punching bag and I need to dust myself off and get back up! So I sit in limbo for another week hoping the physio and rest takes hold.

Though I knew Ironman was out of the question right away and wasn't "all in" to begin with 2 weeks ago, it still stings to hear Dr Grant Lum confirm, "sorry Rhys, no way you will be fit for Ironman. You will be able to workout; swim, bike, run, but you won't have enough time between being pain free and race day to be race ready".

Hearing that hurt now that I reflect. I can take Ironman away from myself as my own decision but an injury taking it away from me stings.

Meredith has been great, especially yesterday when all this kind of came to the surface. Good on her for putting up with me this weekend!

Sting aside, today has been better mentally and hopefully Canada Day weekend I can ride a bit. I will obviously miss my first BIG goal of the season which was the Sutton Stage race in Quebec but that is ok. I will try and get fit for Green Mountain on Labor Day weekend and support Meredith as she trains for the Kelowna half marathon October 10th.

Tomorrow's a new day with new vibe; just gotta keep on keeping on!

Thanks for checking in!

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