Saturday, June 19, 2010

Post Crash Day 6 - First ride

Quick installment today to let friends and family know I am on the mend.

Today I rode my bike for 40 minutes really lightly but found myself shortly after on the couch having a nap! WOW! That tells me my body took quite the hammering last weekend!

Road rash healing up nicely, Hip Flexor still a problem but I see Dr. Grant Lum Tuesday to get a better diagnosis on the issue. Probably as simple as, "you fell hard, your body is reacting; RELAX!"

Otherwise Wales blew the 2nd half today and got hammered by the All Blacks. Brutal 2nd half for sure and they just can't seem to separate themselves from "potential" to "performance".

AS for the world cup? Well with those bloody horns in the background soccer just went from boring to boring AND annoying!

Thanks for reading!

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